Swim Time!

Dear Milo,

When you were four-months old, you clocked in at around 8 kilos (which is heavy) and you were only capable of flailing your limbs. Your mother and I felt bad for you because you seemed so desperate to bust a move, so we signed you up for a pool membership.

What started out as an activity for you to experience movement has now become a full-fledged family affair. I suppose you could say it was a family activity from the start with me shepherding you around the pool and your mother watching on from the stands. However, after a couple of weeks, she stopped coming along so she could do some work at home (but really, I know it was only after she confirmed you were relatively safe in my arms).


Now, I go to the pool earlier and swim laps until you and your mother arrive. Then I’ll take you to your swim class while your mother takes her turn swimming laps. Thirty minutes later, we’re all walking home, your mother and I could do with a nap, and you’re contently suck on your thumb while looking equally unimpressed with the world at large per usual.

To some degree, all this represents our parenting philosophy – you come first, and we work our lives into it. In this case, your mother and I have been looking for more ways to stay active. We go for daily walks and the occasional run around the park with you in tow or I’ll incorporate a game of peek-a-boo while planking (which gives you great amusement, FYI).

And for the record, swim classes has you given you the confidence to try swimming wherever you might be, even on land. And it is very cute.

Two Peas in a Pod – Dog and Baby Edition

Dear Milo,

P8010034If there’s one thing that make our hearts melt like butter on a hot day, it’s seeing you and Kili “playing” together. It’s not a rare interaction, but it’s also not common (I guess that leaves us with “uncommon”), so whenever there’s a sighting, one of us is there, phone whipped out, and snapping a few shots.

It’s interesting for us to see your relationship develop with Kili because it’s just another in-our-face reminder that you’re growing up. It’s a fun topic of conversation for your mother and I because it’s something we can both share in at the same level; to talk about her or my direct relationship with you always feels like it has more serious connotations to it. Seeing the two of you together also reflects a successful start to our grand plan: you and Kili entertaining each other until you both pass out!

And as every great pair has endured, their names become synonymous with something. “Milo & Kili” still needs some time to get fully baked, so until then, I’m thinking one of these might fit you two:

  • Bonnie & Clyde – when you two get up to some mischief and ride into the sunset away from our glares, this would be a good one
  • Bubble & Squeak – unfortunately, I think you’d have to settle for Squeak given your penchant for squeaking
  • Jack & Jill – went up the hill / to fetch a pail of water / Jack fell down and broke his crown / and Jill came tumbling after…I could envision that from you two
  • Calvin & Hobbes – it’s your middle name after all, but Kili will need a feminized version of Calvin…Calvina perhaps?
  • Lilo & Stitch – Kili looks more like Stitch, but you act more like him. Tough call.


I guess we also could just wait and see what you decide to name your tag team in a few years!

The Perils of Co-sleeping – An Update

Dear Milo,

As I had written about co-sleeping four months ago, I figured we are due for an update on this front because the situation has evolved. Namely, you’ve learned how to roll, which has complicated the situation.

The benefits to co-sleeping are all still there…it’s one of the best feelings in the world to wake up, turn our heads, and see you smiling back at us looking cute as buttons. We don’t have to shuffle that far away from the bed to get to you in the middle of night. Anddddd that’s about it.

We’re much more sleep-deprived these days and on some nights, your mom gets a little anxious about whether you’ll roll all the way over to her, sandwiching her between your fist and my breath. You always start out just fine in your crib, then with every passing hour, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll make a roll to the left. So there have been nights where you were still in your crib, nights where you were smushed up against your mother, and nights where you were halfway in between. We have a big bed and there’s more than enough room for all three of us; the issue, or fear I should say, is waking you in the middle of the night because we shift positions or make a rustle with the sheets, and the closer you are to us, the more likely it will wake you. If you were always super easy to put back to sleep, then it’d be fine, but there have been enough nights where it would require one of us to fully wake up and focus 110% on getting you back down.


But we’ve decided to stick with the co-sleeping option. I’m not sure about your mom, but for me, it’s a lot of inertia…I can’t be bothered to break down the crib and reassemble it in the other bedroom. And it feels like we have doubled down on the co-sleeping situation by spending part of our weekend leveling your mattress with ours (lest you hang halfway off your mattress and plop down onto ours, which you have been prone to do).