Spring Cleaning 2017

Dear Milo,

The state of organization and cleanliness of our flat has been a sore point for your mother for quite a while now, and it has finally come to a head this past week when she blitzed the entire apartment with a flurry of cleaning activity. With every opportunity she had, she was either figuring what clothes to donate, what things to throw away, optimizing shelf space, or drawing plans for how to optimize the shelf space.

I was not to be left out after catching the cleaning bug from her and got in on the action about midway through the week. The only difference from your mom is instead of a pile of donation clothes, I have a pile of hand-me-downs for you even though I know full well it means I’ll have to store them somewhere for another 15 years. Every time I came across something I didn’t wear anymore, I just thought about how cool I thought it was at one point and want to save it for you. Your mom just thinks it’s my inner-hoarder justifying it, but she’s happy to let me hoard stuff that’ll eventually be useful.

As part of this mass spring cleaning, we went to Muji three or four times and all told probably spent about 300 quid on plastic drawers. We quite enjoyed the trips because going there usually meant the nanny was watching you and we would get a burger from Five Guys.

I never really saw all the stuff we were getting rid of in one spot – I’m pretty sure it was a lot, but stuff still seems to keep spilling out of our closets and drawers. I don’t think we’re any different than any other couple that is starting to settle down…people’s homes just become cornucopias of junk. However, for every one thing we seem to throw away, we end up with another toy or thing for you. It just doesn’t stop!

A California Sojourn

Dear Milo,

We made it back to London today after three weeks on the road in California. With a lot more stuff than we left with.
After Palm Springs, we saw a lot of your cousins and relatives who came down to San Diego for your aunt’s wedding in Torrey Pines. You’ve got a bit of an independent streak in you so even though there were so many other kiddos to play with, you’d eventually saunter off on your own to explore (those are probably my genes).
We weren’t sure whether you would make it down the aisle as one of the ring bearers alongside your cousin, but we figured we’d give it a try. (As an aside, your two y/o cousin was so pumped to be a ring bearer: when his daddy would give him a pep talk and ask “who’s the ring bearer??”, he would yell back “I’m the ring bearer!!”) It wasn’t looking good initially because as soon as your mom left you to take her seat, you started going a little haywire, but as soon as you hit the stage, you did a fantastic job walking down the aisle and then some. If your mom didn’t pick you up, you would’ve walked right up the altar and probably started licking a fixture. We then spent the next few days up in Laguna Woods with your mom’s mom where we lived out our “we are in America” desires – In N Out burgers, Jamba Juice, golfing, shopping mall carousels, 85C sea salt coffee for 85p, and shopping at the likes of Ross, giant grocery stores, and Michaels. We bottle all our wishes over the course of the year in London and make it happen here. Hopefully we got our fill!
We spent the rest of the trip in San Diego where you developed a great relationship with your grandparents; you’d only want to go potty with your ye ye for some reason and we still can’t figure out why.
It was a lot of running around the house, banging on the piano, calling a stuffed horse a “gou gou”, Mother’s Day meals, seeing your aunt, shopping at Marshall’s / Target and other discount stores, and making everyone laugh. But you were getting pretty worn out by the end as the teething plus a cold caught up to you. Poor thing, but you’re back home, sleeping in your tent bed, recuperating for what I’m sure will be more fun days ahead!

Visiting SoCal

Dear Milo,

You’ve set foot on American soil and have been in southern California for the past week and a half, which also means we all survived another long-haul flight. It was also the first time you took to your headphones and watched TV, sitting comfortably on my lap for twenty minutes. Good job, you’re finally becoming a 21st century digital boy.

The day after we arrived, we exposed you to the America we knew best: big grocery stores where you got to sit in a giant cart, outlet mall shopping, and Costco. You really enjoyed Costco where everything was at least twice the size of you and had a blast commandeering the grocery cart from your grandfather and pushed it right down the aisle with pretty good steering.

We then went on our first road trip out to Palm Springs where we met up with your Aunt Carol, Uncle Derek, and their daughter, Emi. You technically hadn’t met Aunt Carol or Uncle Derek, but your mother was pregnant with you when we all went hiking up Trolltunga two years ago. How times have changed.

It was damn hot and sunny in the desert. So of course we ended up going to an outlet mall instead where we could spend some time indoors at the long-running joke between us about buying Lululemon attire, which we did plenty of.

To make up for it, the next day we all went to the Desert Living Zoo which was, as one would expect, like a desert. We didn’t stay long, but long enough to watch some cheetahs run and for the two kiddos to feed a giraffe (giraffes have really long tongues that are almost like snakes).

We stayed cool with the pool, barbequed and shared war stories about the two babies. You two got along well although your idea of playing is probably a little rough around the edges – you’ll yank something out of her hands, but quickly replace it with something else. Funny.

And here you two are saying goodbye…until next time!